How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a flexible and easy way to earn money. It is a flexible and hassle free medium to help us earn money by displaying relevant contents and engaging ads with the online content. Under this program individual and enterprises can display the Google ads on their website and earn revenue with every hit that generates the internet traffic for Google search engines. One of the most interesting and advantageous facets of Google AdSense is that it represents businesses from across the world irrespective of their size or language.

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In order to start revenue generation from the Google AdSense firstly one needs to have a Google account along with a website. It is important to understand that unique, quality and meaningful content of the website is an essential prerequisite to start earning from Google AdSense. The website in question must be at least 6 months old. It is the quality content and the well-developed website that will act as a catalyst to attracting increasing number of visitors to the website. Once the requirements are fulfilled the Google AdSense form needs to be filed. With the approval of the application with takes around few days or weeks the enterprise can commence earning from the website created.

It is indeed true that Google AdSense is one the best way to make money online from home. But there are some steps which must be taken care of in order to ensure proper income from it:

  • Create Niche Websites:

Instead of establishing your website on general lines it is important to focus the theme of your website on something particular. You can also use keyword suggestions to enhance your web pages and to build a content which will be theme based and focused. Therefore instead of general concepts one around niche must be created. This way the advertisements can be targeted in a much better way. Further this will significantly reduce the effort required for writing, since limited topic will save on your time and energy and help you to focus and develop few quality contents.

  • Properly designing the Website:

Putting AdSense on a website is not a cake walk. It takes a lot of effort. It is best to add AdSense either on the middle or on the left side of the web page. You can obviously change the position if it is not fetching desired results for you. The best performing size of AdSense is believed to be 336 X 280.

  • Use of Bold Images:

This is one of the factors which most of the SEO experts does not attach much importance. But it is well proven that bolder images can be a key reason for increased visitors and therefore higher level of earning. Irrelevant ads will fail to reap any significant results. Therefore you need to add relevant images as per the ads and place it just above or below the AdSense. This way you can effectively increase your revenue with Google AdSense. You need to understand that along with hard work it is also important to be smart so that you can generate more revenue. It is not always necessary neither advisable to resort to the traditional techniques of working with Google AdSense. You can also choose to work with the AdSense Revenue Boosters Packages from the AdSense. These packages are well adept to create rich content of resources; software, highly searched keywords and all other necessary requisites for increase your earnings from the AdSense.

Well if you want to make money online with Google AdSense, please follow our instructions on “making money using Google AdSense”

  • Manage your expectations

When you start off with AdSense you’ll expect revenue from it. But there is lot of factors on which your revenue depends; managing these factors will enhance your earning potential.

  • Traffic

Traffic is an important factor on which the revenue on your site depends. There should be a healthy number of visitors coming to your site on daily basis reading your content. The more visitors you have in your site the more revenue you earn. So be it your business site or a personal blog you have to ensure that people come to your site and you get visitors.


You get paid when somebody clicks on the ad given by you. But you cannot click your own ad, in order to generate more clicks. Google has a technology to identify this and they will cease your account. So, more the visitors, more the clicks to your ads and the more revenue you earn.


This is the percentage of visitors to your site compared to how many of them actually clicked on an ad. If 100 people came to your site, and 1 of them clicked an ad, your CTR is 1%, and that’s not an unreasonable number. So if you are having a daily visitor of 2000 and out of 100, 10 are clicking on an Ad, in that case you will be having 200 clicks a day with a CTR of 10%.


The quality of your content is an utmost important factor in your earning potential. If your site provides rich content and a great user experience, you will have more interested users. Google’s crawlers will also have an easier time determining the type of ad content would best fit on your site.


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